Humane and Non-Partisan Policies

The policies nearest and dearest to me, which will help my constituents, even if they didn't vote for me.

Medicare for All

It isn't Medicare for Some. This isn't the time to parse out who gets humane treatment and who doesn't. Medicare for All will save 5 trillion over 10 years in operating costs, alone. Cancer doesn't care if you're a Republican, Democrat etc. if you're human you get human maladies. Health Care is a human right, and I am prepared to fight tooth and nail for it.

Link to Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill, which I support, word for word.


Green New Deal

I am not interested in convincing people of the threat of climate change. I am interested in guiding the market. People want sustainable energy options and I want those jobs for my constituents. Regardless of whether we agree on climate, people's actions are changing because of it. We need to capitalize on that!

Green energy, be it nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal etc. will give rise to new innovation. New innovation gives rise to new job markets. New markets give rise to economic growth. To demand that we can't evolve past our current energy system is not only infantile, it is dangerous.

Currently we enrich terrorists by using oil (OPEC). We need to bankrupt the kingdom of Saud who is the global leader in radical Islamic terrorism. We also have evidence that Exxon mobile knew about the effects on our climate as early as the 70's, meaning they have polluted our lungs and bodies via our air and water.

Any entity which uses its money to harm either its citizens or those across the globe, just to turn a profit, will be considered an enemy and I will do everything within my power to decommission them.

Specific Action Items:

- Extract waste plastic from our oceans via processes like Boomy McBoomface (yeah, that's right) which captures waste plastic and aggregates it in a centralized area.

- Melt down the plastic and turn it into roads

- Build waste plastic sites for mass production of bacteria which breaks down the polyethylene terephthalate, the common plastic known as PET or polyester

-Mass production of Graphene, a super conductor, to help strengthen our current electrical grid, while also making it more efficient.

Space Force

While some people make fun of Trump for wanting a Space Force, the idea is not such a bad one. A pew pew one where we're looking for another military arm to wage war is a terrible idea. Though, one where we explore our solar system and beyond will benefit the global market by orders of magnitude. Right now people toil away in soulless positions that are waiting to be transitioned out by automation. So let’s build a vision where we can push to the limits of human imagination.

Researchers by the name of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson have shown that between roughly 12,500 and 12,800 years ago, a cataclysmic meteor struck earth, causing a mass extinction. A leading theory on how we can prevent such a catastrophe is to first identify the meteor, rendezvous with it, and paint one side of it white in order to change the photon relationship it has within the vacuum of space. This will nudge it into a safer orbit so it doesn't murder the earth. Impressive and completely counter intuitive.

Currently NASA is working on a telescope that will allow us to locate meteors, big and small. Late 2019 we saw a meteor the size of a football field, fly by us which was closer to us than the moon. These are called city killers because if it strikes a city, the effect is that of detonating a nuclear device.

We are so focused on fighting each other, we turn a blind eye to that which can eliminate us all with no discrimination. It is time to pool our resources together and instead of using our military might to blow up poor people with oil under their feet, we instead create the latest and greatest technology the world has yet to see.

Ultimately, where we have an international space station, I want international-astral mining colonies. The hope here is to be able to capture the meteors that fly by us in order to strip mine them for raw and rare materials, not our home. Having these outposts will allow us to have manned missions to the furthest reaches of our solar system, to include the Kuiper Belt, where Pluto lives, and the Oort Cloud where it is theorized another planet is out there which potentially slings meteors into inner space, towards us.

This has the potential to create more jobs by itself than the amount of jobs we have in all of our energy sectors combined, while also tapping into our innate need for discovery. We really can make America great, but our greatness lies in our future, not our past! I am running for CD1-UT to see this vision become reality.

Free College (and Trade School) for All

If there is anything that I have learned form the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections, is that we are an uneducated populace that is played by the very two party system which pretends to look out for us. This includes our brothers and sisters who work in the trades, because we cannot have our standard of living without them!

Net Neutrality

The internet needs to be classified as a public utility. We live in a time when public funds were used to develop the internet, then private companies came and shut everyone out while selling keys to access. They arbitrarily raise prices without increasing output. This parasitic system needs to stop.

End Prohibition

We have had two constitutional amendments dealing with prohibition. Why did we end the prohibition on alcohol? It led to crime lords. What is happening with our prohibition on hard drugs and marijuana? It creates crime lords that displace people and send them fleeing for their lives across our southern border.

In order to truly deal with immigration reform in a meaningful way, we need to end prohibition. We need to understand that our actions don't take place in a vacuum but actually drive the actions of those who would make their country and ours a much worse place, all to fill the voice in the black market that the prohibition creates.

Here is a good article which covers the broad strokes of how Portugal fixed this very issue in their society.


Ultimately, my take is data-driven. The data bears out that not criminalizing drug users, leads to less crime. It leads to less money spent on taxes and it leads to a better quality of life for all citizens engaged. This, ultimately, is a beautifully Christian and Humanist/Secular harmony of self-will guided by principles of the constitution.

If my religious beliefs demand that you do not engage in a certain action but your religious beliefs find them okay, the first amendment of the constitution, my favorite, says that we have the right to believe any religion and not be persecuted for it. This also says we have the right to not worship and still not be persecuted for it. That means, if my beliefs demand you behave in a way that violates your beliefs, I am now in violation of the first amendment. As leftists, we need to harness these constitutional arguments like a cudgel and browbeat where necessary.

While some may come up with crazy beliefs that they know better than other people and know how best to top-down legislate, this is where our courts are supposed to help us.

Ultimately, drugs, abortion, morality, when we try to criminalize it, we make it far worse than it is to begin with. This is why we wage "war" on every failed policy. Our wars are also failed policy. Our domestic policy is often guided in a very warlike manner. We need to be more civil and humanitarian actors and less soldiers at war.

End Regime Change Wars

Since Trump has been in office we have seen his war-hungry cabinet say that Venezuela's oil would be better served by us controlling it. We have seen multiple occasions where Sec Pompeo has tried to get us to war against Iran. Their respective presidents/supreme leaders may not be nice by any stretch of the means but we always make things worse.

Since we toppled Libya, by all accounts one of the if not the most prosperous country in Africa, there are now open slave trades that take place on YouTube. This is what America does when it "spreads Democracy". It means we come in to steal your natural resources or bar you from backing away from the petrodollar to a gold standard. This drives the very terrorist activity we wish to stop but since we create it non-stop, we manufacture our own boogiemen in order to enrich the government contracted mercenary groups for hire. You know, like Eric Prince and his ilk?

We have soldiers paid poverty wages while we over-pay civilian mercenaries. This is beyond unreasonable. We need to rid ourselves of private mercenaries, pay our soldiers what they're worth, and work on energy and first-world building instead of third-world bombing and extorting.

What we spend on aggressive military campaigns, can be spent in a way where we create energy grids, through green (tidal, geothermal, solar, wind) energy means, take a fraction of the proceeds created by connecting this world into a first-world enabled system, and work responsibly in a global capacity. This would create far more jobs, pay far more dividends to the working class and provide a hand up, not a hand out, to those in lower socioeconomic tiers within geographic locations.

We can become true leaders in the world, by harnessing the human capital of all those racing to be heard, as we connect them and guide them. We aren't Gordon Ramsay where he flips a kitchen but takes an outrageous cut. This is us playing the Costco game, and marking up prices perhaps 10% of cost, in order to account for overhead. In the end, we will reap a far greater capital reward by investing in people and connecting them to the future, instead of bombing them into the past.

Criminal Justice Reform

We live in a day in an age where police can gun down mentally ill people in the back, even when they are fleeing from the police, and the police can cry that they felt in danger of their lives. I take serious issue with this stance and I have even yelled in the face of the Salt Lake DA, Sim Gill, for his inaction concerning Patrick Harmon, specifically.

When we are in a place where untrained civilians are supposed to remain calm while having guns in their faces, but trained police can act reckless and erratically, we have a huge problem. It isn't the citizen's responsibility to listen to an authority figure or else they will get murdered. It is the responsibility of a public servant to keep us safe.

This is not a difficult position. I will champion, but cannot do anything unilaterally, to also rid our prisons of non-violent victimless crimes (petty drug usage, etc.) which disproportionately affect communities of color.

Why communities of color? It stems from the banks, which through acts like red lining, actually drawing lines on maps with red lines to predicate where banks won't finance mortgages to people of color, we limit that person and their family from building wealth the way nearly every other working-class family builds wealth; through real estate.

Since the 2008 financial crash, reported by economist Richard Wolff in 2018, "Black and Latino wealth was down 40% and 46%", respectively. Not only did they not recover from the financial meltdown caused by the illegal activities of the banks, they are far, FAR worse off.

Criminal Justice reform means reformation of everything that leads to poverty, where poverty leads to crime. This means, in our current system, white communities that are impoverished will be over-policed and over imprisoned the same way these poor communities of color are, but I will work to serve and not rule the public while championing this way to enforce the law. American law is based on precedent. If you help lay the precedent that poor people deserve to be locked up, and you find yourself being poor, you have now made it much easier to rob you of your rights to liberty and pursuit of happiness. Literally you are robbing yourself of the rights afforded you by the constitution.

Please stand with me and help me champion to jail bankers for their criminal acts and to lift all barriers to entry for all working-class people, no matter the pigment in their skin. We are all in this together. With less barriers to entry and more money flowing through our paychecks and into the local economies, the better we all do. We need to help and not hurt all of our abilities to build wealth in this country, while also building opportunities for our collective future.


I am a combat veteran. I have been trained with combat weapons. When I was in the Army, I NEVER, not once, ever, was I able to walk around with my combat rifle in garrison, just because. It was locked up in a secure arms room, and only signed out when I was going to train, or going to war. Never any other time.

When I was done with training or war, it went right back to where it was supposed to be, in a locked arms room. The idea that we let non trained civilians walk around with combat weapons, is insane to me. Combat weapons belong in combat, and no other place. I get that they are fun. I had a blast shooting my weapons, but it is more important to me that people are safe, than I have fun.

1. We need to ban the sales of combat weapons to civilians. Civilians don't belong in combat, nor do combat weapons belong in garrison.

2. Anyone who gets a concealed carry permit needs to qualify with that weapon. The last thing we need is Jonny Bravo whipping out a weapon he/she is not familiar with, and shoot an innocent bystander instead of the perpetrator.

3. How are we going to pay for this? We need to legalize and regulate marijuana sales, and use the tax proceeds the same way Colorado and Nevada do, by using it for education. I also want to ear mark funds for hunting rifle and hand gun marksmanship. The most dangerous thing for a weapon holder to wield, is ignorance. So I plan to rob you of your ignorance, teach to you respect a weapon, teach you trigger discipline, and if you have to fire your weapon, teach you to limit collateral damage by training.

4. We expand background checks and enforce red flag laws that take the guns of people found guilty of domestic violence. These are often early warnings from people who are lawful now with their guns, but aren’t in the right mind to stay that way.

5. I am not here to take your guns that you feel make you safe. I am here to have reasonable conversations on how we can exercise our love for guns in a way which doesn't make people unsafe. The problem with our culture now is that law abiding citizens amass weapons of war, then decide they no longer want to be law abiding. They didn't get the weapons as an illegal actor, but a legal one. I need your help, the community help, people who value and don't value guns, both, to help input (not scream) their ideas on how we fix or at least ameliorate the current system we have.

Whistle Blowers

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Reality Winner, John Kiriakou, William Binny, Chelsea Manning, all these people, and more (not meant to be a comprehensive list), deserve not just a pardon, but in many cases the presidential medal of freedom.

What says "I love the idea of freedom" more than giving it up to secure it for others? In many cases these people have seen prison time. Some have seen torture at Gitmo, some have been forced to be prisoners in embassy's. Some continue speaking out against authoritarian overreach.

These are people we should consider heroes. There are 57, 939 names on the Vietnam wall alone. We have proof that Vietnam was an illegal war that we got into because our government lied to us. We committed to the global war on terrorism because an outside terrorist agency killed ~3k people on 9/11. Our own government has 10X, an order of magnitude more killed fighting in that single illegal war, and that same government will be happy to imprison you for exposing their lies, while they continue involving our great country in illegal wars.

It is time to cherish the people who have the intestinal fortitude to speak out when the entire organization and culture will come to crush you. I do do what I can to be Atlas, and bear the crushing weight.

I cannot do that alone. These heroes and patriots, cannot do this alone. I need your help, the U.S. citizen's help, to push for a presidential pardon from all these patriots and take another step. Anytime you are watching T.V. or listening to the Radio and they tell you we need to go to war because of Gas attacks (Syrian gas attacks have been debunked), or that there are Weapons of Mass Destruction (Dick Cheney wrote an editorial to the NY Times, then used that editorial as evidence of WMDs), if you hear another call for war from MSNBC, CNN, Fox, The Blaze, I want you to stop and look up a video from The Hill: Rising, or Kyle Kulinski from Secular Talk.

Listen to their points, look at their evidence, then go back and see if those calling for war use the same standard for intellectual integrity within their argument calling for war. See if they provide the same proof they'd demand if you came out against something they liked. Weigh the two together, then turn on your BS sniff tester.

If you do this, please reach out to me with an example. I'd love to share your story. It is time to honor heroes and jail murderous dictators who try to rule our Democracy.